Are Magnetic Mounts And Cases Bad For Cell Phones (Smartphones)

You’re probably considering purchasing a magnetic mount for your phone but are unsure if it will harm it in any way. Well, you’ve come to the correct place, because we’ll tell you whether or not your phone can be safely mounted on a magnetic holder and explain why.

Indeed, whether your phone is put on a magnetic holder or within a magnetic case, it is completely safe.

You may have noticed writings and warnings stating that if your phone is near a magnet, it is not safe, or that magnetic will interfere with your smartphone’s GPS, batter, or something similar. All of this sounds terrifying, but is it actually true?

Most of the time, it isn’t, as you can see below, and you should be aware that your smartphone already has multiple magnets.

Do magnetic mounts affect cell phone batteries?

No, the battery or the phone are unaffected by a battery.

If your smartphone has a faulty and old transformer beneath the hood, the kind that leaks magnetic flux, it’s feasible that a magnet may drain the battery a little, but just a little. Modern mobile phones, on the other hand, are high-quality gadgets with high-efficiency transformers that do not lose magnetic flux.

A particularly strong magnetic field may make the battery to work somewhat harder to produce the correct voltage, causing the battery to wear out a little faster. Even a powerful magnet, however, would not be enough to drain your phone’s battery. The best-designed magnetic phone accessories incorporate a metal shield to safeguard the phone’s components for optimal safety.

Don’t worry, this is merely a common fallacy; mobile magnetic mounts have no effect on cell phone batteries because they are just too weak, and your phone is of sufficient quality.

Do Magnetic Mounts Affect Smartphone Screen

The magnetic mounts have no effect on the screen of your smartphone.

So, what gives? Mobile phones have LCD (liquid crystal display) or AMOLED (light emitting diode) displays. Liquid crystals are manipulated by an electric current to cover or uncover illuminated pixels behind them in a Liquid Crystal Display. When an electric current is applied to AMOLEDs (Light Emitting Diodes), they produce light.

Magnets have no effect on these systems because they are totally controlled by electricity. Strong magnets can have an effect on them, such as adjusting the brightness of the screen, but nothing long-term, and magnetic mounts employ weak magnets, so no harm is done.

Do Magnetic Mounts Affect Electric Compass of Your Smartphone

In most circumstances, magnetic mounts have no effect on your mobile device’s electric compasses.

Certain very strong magnets can interfere with your magnetometer, which is found in practically every cell phone, but weak magnets, such as those found in magnetic mounts, should not.

You should be aware that magnetometers are typically found on the top side of your phone, so if you want to be safe, keep magnetic accessories near the bottom.

Can Magnetic Mounts Affect GPS of Your Mobile Phone

No, the electronic compass has no effect on your GPS.

All GPS devices keep track of time and compare it to signals from a network of satellites to determine their location and speed.

In order to triangulate its position, direction, and speed, the GPS measures how long it takes to receive signals. This is why GPS receivers may be accurate to within a few meters, and it also implies that magnetic fields between your receiver and GPS satellites do not interfere with their function.

Can Magnetic Mounts Affect Cell Phone Signals

Mobile phones employ radio waves that are quite similar to those used in walkie-talkies; the primary difference is that mobile phone calls use two frequencies instead of one to allow you to hear and talk at the same time, and they are, of course, relayed by towers to reach much further. These radio waves are unaffected by minor magnetic fields.

Can Magnetic Mounts Affect Mobile Phone Speakers

Speakers are one of the phone’s physical components that employs small magnets to operate without influencing the environment. They have a tiny magnet that maintains a constant and consistent magnetic field. To have any effect, an extremely powerful and close electromagnet would be required.

Can Magnetic Mounts Affect Smartphone NFC and Apple Pay

NFC is a technology that allows phones and other devices in close proximity to send small quantities of data across a short wavelength that is difficult to intercept.

NFC is used by Google Wallet and Apple Pay to allow users to rapidly communicate bank account information, pay for goods and services, and send money to pals. NFC technology employs radiofrequency waves similar to phone conversations, thus magnets have no effect!

Do Magnetic Phone Holders Damage Cell Phones

Magnetic mounts, on the other hand, will not harm your smartphone, at least not from the inside.

It makes no difference whether you have an Android or an iPhone; the insides of your phone are entirely secure. As you can see, all of the components of your smartphone are safe.

However, and there is always a but, the metal back can sometimes damage the backside of your phone. It doesn’t happen on all phones, and some mounts are better than others, but the one I had left scratches on the back of my phone.

Other than that, there won’t be any damage, and it’s fantastic for functionality, even though it looks a little worse than before, at least to me.

If you have a case (it must be a metal case for the magnet to stick to it), it is even better because it won’t scratch the back of your phone; however, I didn’t have one, so it scratched mine. Next time, I’ll be a little more cautious and select a more attractive phone case.

What effect would a strong magnet have on smartphones?

If you put a strong magnet near your phone, or visit a room with MRI magnets, you will see some affects on your phone.

That would most likely be different for each phone, however it can effect screen brightness and auto-focus, as well as compass measurements.

It shouldn’t have any long-term consequences, although I wouldn’t recommend testing it with extremely powerful magnets.


You won’t have to worry about your phone being damaged if you aren’t utilizing a large magnet close to it.

The small and weak magnets included inside the magnetic holders have no effect on the performance of your phone or its battery; nevertheless, if you stick your phone directly on the mount, it may harm the rear of your phone.

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