Can You Post Links in YouTube Comments, and Is It Worth It?

With the rise of digital marketing on platforms like YouTube, promoting your content has never been easier. It’s apparent to promote your material on YouTube through videos, but can you add links in YouTube comments?

It is possible to post links in YouTube comments. Just copy a link to a website, paste it in the remark, and post it. The issue is that you risk having your remark deleted or designated as spam by the creator.

In recent years, content creation has become increasingly popular. People are increasingly going online to create films, become influencers, or simply have an online presence for their businesses. High quality cameras are inexpensive, and you can edit and submit your content directly from your phone.

Choosing the appropriate venue for promoting your work is difficult. You can now find your target audience almost anywhere, but where should you sell your hard work?

If you’re thinking about leaving a remark on YouTube but aren’t sure if anyone will see it, you’ve come to the perfect place. This post will walk you through the YouTube commenting guidelines. Fasten your seatbelts!

Does YouTube Block Comments with Links?

In today’s world, becoming a new content creator is really difficult. There are already so many amazing people with rapidly developing channels, and there are so many creators doing different things. It’s difficult to get noticed and present your work, therefore pick your finest weapon to get yourself and your work noticed.

YouTube is the world’s most popular online video platform. Hundreds of hours of video are submitted to the site every minute of the day, and users watch over one billion hours of material per day.

YouTube videos span every topic imaginable, making it an excellent platform for showcasing your work, passions, and personality. There, you can find a variety of target audiences and promote your work.

The YouTube comment section is a space for debates, sharing opinions and experiences, and expressing your thoughts on current events. It’s a fantastic way to meet new people and learn about new things. Is it also a good place to promote your work?

You can post links in comments on YouTube. It does not, contrary to popular belief, block or make them invisible. They allow you to use as many links and hashtags as you like in your comments, but that is not your major issue.

YouTube creators can now tailor their comment sections to remove spam comments that distract viewers from conversations and kind remarks in their videos’ comment sections. How do they accomplish this?

You may find full instructions on blocking lists on YouTube’s Help Forum, but here’s a simple tutorial:

Open YouTube Studio and click on Settings. Then click on Community, and under Automated Filters, select Block links.

The only comments with links allowed from now on will be from you, moderators, and approved users. Messages from live chats with URLs will also be deleted. Comments with hashtags and links will be available on the Comments page under Held for review. They will be there for 60 days and then will be deleted. 

Creators can also construct a list of words and phrases they don’t like, and any remark that contains one of those words or phrases will be held for review.

This option is right above the Block links option and also blocks comments from live chats.

This option is typically used for unpleasant and insulting comments made under producers’ videos, such as swear words, racial slurs, and other language depicting discrimination.

Spam is also a major opponent of YouTube creators since it obscures the positive feedback. Spam is the repeated posting of various links to websites and videos.

deceive the audience by implying that they will watch something but then directing them to something else.

Following are some examples of acts that YouTube considers spam:

  • Pay Per Click referral links are included in comments.
  • Observations on freebies that foster pyramid scams.
  • Promote your channel by leaving comments on this link to encourage others to check out your channel or videos.
  • Comments that include links to complete versions of videos, movies, and other media that are misleading.

As you can see, spamming other creators’ comment sections to promote your channel and videos is deemed spam. The setting described above is commonly used by creators to automate the blocking of comments with links.

It’s not fun when other artists remark 200 times on your video to promote other channels and videos, thus you should prevent it.

Are Links in YouTube Comments Worth It?

Using YouTube comments to promote your website, channel, or videos is a good idea. You can see these types of comments all the time, and they come in a variety of formats; for example, some include a link and say, Hey, check out my channel!, while others include a whole text paragraph describing the content creator and his experience.

As previously said, the majority of the producers use automated comment blocking, yet spam always finds a way to get through.

Your link will most likely be removed if it has nothing to do with the video you submitted below. If you’re linking to something, it should be noticeable and beneficial to the audience.

Then there’s a chance it won’t be deleted by the creator.

Attempt to remark no more than 20-30 times every day. You understandably want your comments to be seen by as many people as possible, but if you leave too many identical comments in a short period of time, YouTube will consider them spam.

The opposite side of putting comments on other people’s channels with links is that it gives off a terrible impression. Because of your amazing personality or extraordinary job, people would rather follow you and be your audience. If you keep making such kinds of comments, people will think you’re obnoxious, and you’ll miss your chance to get their attention.

Even if you aren’t flagged as spam, the YouTube algorithm obscures your content. The order of comments is determined by three factors: the number of thumbs up and thumbs down, the number of loves and dislikes, the date of posting, and the number of responses received.

Some studies even claim that your comment’s ranking is determined by the average number of likes and dislikes, although this is only speculation.

What Are the Alternatives to Posting Links in YouTube Comments?

If you want to continue to expand on digital channels, you should investigate SEO. The process of improving your website’s visibility for search engines is known as optimization. In other words, it draws the attention of the possible audience to you.

It’s an important aspect of marketing because looking for information on Google has become a daily habit, and if you’re on the first few pages, you’re in!

The SEO standards recommend including links to your website or a YouTube video in the video description. Also, consider including hashtags.

There are numerous different methods for promoting your YouTube channel and videos. Consider including keywords in the title. For instance, many titles begin with How to…. To grab more attention, try utilizing sentences like these.

Those keywords don’t just apply to YouTube searches. They apply to Google and other search engines as well. Try typing in Google: „how to“ and press Enter. At least one YouTube video will pop up. 

You might want to consider embedding your videos. It expands the audience for your video and increases engagement.

It would also be beneficial if you encouraged your audience to leave as many comments as possible, because every comment counts. YouTube prioritizes videos with a lot of comments because they want to promote the most popular ones. You should encourage them to subscribe to your channel as well.

You should spread your content across social media platforms. Utilize Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and any other social media platform you can think of. LinkedIn is ideal for promoting your business website since it connects you with other professionals who share your interests.


In the end, you have the option of posting links in YouTube comments. The only stumbling block is that commenters with links can be automatically blocked by creators. There are considerably more effective methods for getting your work noticed, such as SEO. It’s more efficient to concentrate on keywords, titles, thumbnails, and integrating with your other social media accounts.

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